Mary Terry Wiley


Mary Terry Wiley

Motivational Speaker
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Mary Terry Wiley is a motivational speaker who catches her audience off guard with the truth. A registered nurse in the area of psychiatry, she has a nursing degree from the University of Memphis and extensive experience in behavior problems. As a result this has allowed her to be effective in other endeavors such as her ministry. She is one of the founders of Aphesis Outreach Ministry and Tamar Entertainment, Inc., the mission of both organizations is to meet the needs of hurt women.

Mary’s love for writing has led her to freelance in writing songs, plays, articles, scripts, and speeches. Nevertheless, she is most excited about her stage play For Your Soul Sake which Tamar Entertainment presents nationally. For Your Soul’s Sake is an in your face, at your heart, series of stories about the struggles, survival and perseverance of women in all walks of life. Mary Terry Wiley uses her creative energy to design the decor for many social events such as plays, weddings, coronations, banquets and cocktail parties. In addition, she has directed several plays and served as a pageant consultant for numerous young ladies. Although a native of Memphis Orange Mound, Tennessee she now resides in Houston, Texas. Mary Terry Wiley lives by the motto Blindness is the result of Godless sight. Her uncompromising message has blessed the hearts of many.