Denise Marcía


Denise Marcía

“Ninety percent of corporations will not hire, promote or keep individuals who do not project a professional image.” – USA Today

Denise Marcía is a business etiquette coach, and has lived in New York, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., California, and London, England. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the entertainment, hospitality, and corporate industries and is the founder of essentials! the professional development company.

Ms. Marcía, who now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, has spent the last 10-plus years teaching students and executives the immeasurable impact soft skills have on professional credibility and career enhancement. She tours colleges and universities and works within businesses, corporations, and professional organizations revealing virtually untapped keys to vocational success.

As a former professional actress, Ms. Marcía’s sessions are entertaining and fast-paced. She shares etiquette protocol and includes real-world tips about vital yet unspoken rules for professional advancement such as public image, professional attire and body language, interviewing, networking, business dining, and corporate culture.

essentials! also influences business, and social organizations. A few of the staff Ms. Marcía has been invited to work with include: Waller Law Firm, Avenue Bank, the Tennessee Department of Revenue, Caterpillar Financial, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the NAACP, NASP organization, and IAAP conference.

Ms. Marcía is a frequent speaker at several universities, most notably: Tennessee State University, Hampton University, Virginia State University, Virginia Tech, Middle Tennessee State University, and The University of Arkansas, as well as the regional and national Honors Conferences. She is an eight-year recurring facilitator for the Emerging Leaders Workshop in Roanoke, Virginia, and for the past twelve years has spoken at the annual Leadership for Queens and Kings’ Konnection conference in Memphis, TN.

Denise Marcía has written several etiquette columns for an online business website and was responsible for posting online etiquette lessons for a private company’s in-house newsletter. She has also authored a small yet impactful book for students, Handle Your Business! etiquette quick notes for the young executive which offers young professionals important last-minute tips and encouragement before any business encounter.